Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you get nail charms and rhinestones to stay?
You can use a layer of top coat to adhere charms, rhinestones or appliqués.  For flat, metallic appliqués I would suggest a layer of top coat, then using tweezers place the appliqués, then follow with a layer of top coat.  For more 3-D charms and rhinestones nail glue is usually a safe bet.  I bought my nail glue on eBay, but you can also find it on Amazon or at your local nail art supply store.

2. What brand of top coat do you use?
I exclusively use HK Girl Top Coat.  You can find it for sale here.  I like this top coat because not only does it dry extremely fast, but it works well with every single polish I have paired it with.  I have never had a design smudge, and it shines like crazy!

3. What is your nail care routine like?
I use a combination of Essie-Grow Stronger and OPI-Nail Envy as well as a couple different brands of cuticle oil.  I do not cut my cuticles.  I push them back about every couple of days and I file my nails every week.  The best cuticle oil I have found thus far you can find here.  

4. What kind of base coat do you use?
I use either Essie-Grow Stronger or OPI-Nail Envy.  Sometimes I will layer to two as well.

5. How do remove glitter nail polish?
The method that has worked best for me has been wetting a cotton ball, generously, with nail polish remover and then placing it over my nail.  Next, I then wrap my finger in tin foil, tightly.  I usually wait about 5-10 minutes before removing the foil wraps.  

6.  What type of nail polish remover do you use?
I swear by Zoya's nail polish remover for clean up and KleanColor Wizard Pads for full manicure removal.  I like both products compared to others because of their smell.  Neither one has a super acetone or chemical smell, but also it is not overwhelmingly fruity or masking.  The Wizard Pads have cuticle oil in them as well and I have noticed they don't seem to strip my nails, like other pads have done in the past.  

7.  Where do you buy your nail art supplies?
I buy most of my nail art supplies from eBay.  I have found a lot of suppliers from China that sell items for cheap.  The only drawback, is that typically shipping takes between 2 and 4 weeks.  

8. How do you clean your nails up?
To clean my nails up I use a small angled eyeliner brush that I purchased on Amazon and Zoya nail polish remover.  I pour the nail polish remover into a small shot glass and dip the brush in.  Then I carefully follow the edges of my nails cleaning up stray marks.

If you have a question that was not answered above feel free to email me at: yougurt27@yahoo.com.

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