Saturday, May 10, 2014

Heather's Hues "Happily Ever Lacquered" Collection Review & Swatches Part I

Heather's Hues Happily Ever Lacquered Collection

Once again, Heather has done it!!  Her brand spanking new "Happily Ever Lacquered" collection is colorful, dynamic, and drop dead gorgeous!!  For this new collection, Heather was inspired by all of the Disney Princesses, and a couple honorary Princesses as well.  The new collection consists of 14 polishes and in this post I am going to be bring you the first half of the 14.  Sit back, grab some popcorn, you're in for a show.   If you would like to skip the show and go straight to shopping (DO IT) here is where you can find Heather and her gorgeous polishes.  

Heather's Hues Glass Slippers Cinderella

First up, "Glass Slippers" is an icy, blue shade with shards of glitter throughout it.  What I initially really liked about this polish was the perfect shade of blue that truly made my feel like I was wearing finger glass slippers.  Imagine baby glass slippers on all your fingers!! How cute?!

Anyway, back to the good stuff, I created this manicure by using two thin coats of "Glass Slippers" and accented it with stamping from plate Pueen 59 and a water decal I purchased on eBay of Cinderella.  I topped everything with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat.

For such a light shade of blue, and especially with the icy look, I was expecting this polish to be a lot more sheer than it actually was.  Opacity was easily reached in two coats.  Also, the glitter was super easy to remove.  It didn't stick to my nails or rip apart of my nail polish remover pads.

Heather's Hues Girls CAN Fight! Mulan

"Girls CAN Fight!" is a sexy red shade with beautiful multi-colored glitter as well as black and gold shards.  I cannot decide for the life of me if I like the large glitter pieces or the micro glitter pieces better in this polish!

I achieved this look applying two thin coats of "Girls CAN Fight!" and then topping it with HK Girl Top Coat.  The accent nails are double stamped with an image from BM-H15.  

Once again, this polish was not only easy to apply but easy to remove.  Also, there is no shrinkage or clumping issues.  I tend to store bottles with heavy glitter or large glitter pieces upside down before I use them, so fishing was not an issue for me.  But, I noticed that even after I had let my bottle stand for a bit, the glitter was just as easy to remove.

Heather's Hues Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust Tinkerbell Essie The More the Merrier

"Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust" is the perfect topper to any spring or fairy-like manicure, or can stand alone.  This shade was inspired by an honorary Disney Princess, Tinkerbell.  

For this mani, I started with a base coat of Essie "The More the Merrier" and then topped the one coat undie with two coats of the sparkly "Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust".  I finished by placed advanced stamps on my accent nails from plate BM-307.  I finished every thing with my trusted HK Girl Top Coat.

"Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust" is such a gorgeous shimmery green.  I felt that with an undie, the green would really pop, and the whole "Tinkerbell" imagery would shine through.  However, this polish can definitely stand on its own as a more sheer mani, but still gorgeous and shimmery!

Snow White:
Heather's Hues Fairest of Them All Snow White

"Fairest of Them All" is a glitter packed gorgeous dark blue nail polish.  I absolutely adore the red, blue and yellow pieces that truly look like Snow White's typical dress.  For this manicure I used three coats of "Fairest of Them All" and topped with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat.  Two coats will definitely achieve opacity, however, I wanted to test what three would look like and I love the result.  

Accent nail, water decal from La Vita Bella 
and stamping from plate BM-417.   

For such a heavy glitter polish, this one was actually not that difficult to apply or remove.  I did not have to fish for any glitter, and when applying I didn't have to pick.

Heather's Hues Colors of the Wind Pocahontas

Without a doubt, hands down, this has to be my favorite polish in the entire collection.  The base shade, the blue and brown large pieces of glitter, the gold micro glitters, everything makes me just swoon.  This polish is so appropriately named "Colors of the Wind".

The second I saw polish in the bottle I could not stop thinking about the gorgeous scene in the movie Pocahontas where she is singing "Colors of the Wind" and the leaves swirl around.  I tried to recreate that look with fimo clay leaves I purchased on eBay.

This manicure was achieved by starting with two coats of "Colors of the Wind".  I then topped with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat and individually placed the fimo clay leaves.  Once again, application was flawless and removal was easy as well.  However, I did not want to remove this one and you will definitely be seeing it again real soon.  

Sleeping Beauty:
Heater's Hues Once upon a Dream Sleeping Beauty

"Once Upon a Dream" is an adorable pink jelly with bar, hex glitter pieces, and micro glitters.  This polish is a dead ringer for Sleeping Beauty!!  This manicure was achieved by starting with two coats of "Once Upon a Dream".  Accent nails were stamped with kisses from stamping plate BM-303 and water decal from eBay.

I love the pink base, but the glitter is what really makes this polish special.  A lot of the shades in Heather's collection have the option to add-in larger pieces of glitter.  Sometimes large pieces of glitter can be difficult because you have to either fish to get them out, or shellac to get them to stay put!  I really love the glitter that Heather chose for this collection because I did not encounter either one of those issues during my manicures.

Heather's Hues Once Upon a Dream Sleeping Beauty

Here is a sun shot of "Once Upon a Dream" with the pink butterfly glitter option that Heather offers.  I individually placed these pieces.  I absolutely love how this polish looks in the sun, especially with the stamping!  

Heather's Hues Love is an Open Door Anna

"Love is an Open Door" is such a beauty!!  This Frozen inspired polish from Heather's Hues "Happily Every Lacquered" Collection was created with Anna in mind.  I love the dark black jelly base, but the micro glitters definitely steal the show!!  My light box was being terribly uncooperative, so I will post a macro below so you can get a real sense of what this beautiful polish truly looks like!

I created this manicure by painting two coats of "Love is an Open Door", with glitter add in, and then topped it with HK Girl Top Coat.  The accent charm is from Daily Charme.

Heather's Hues Love is an Open Door Anna

Here is a macro shot in the light box of "Love is an Open Door".  The purple, blue, but especially gold and red micro flakes are so amazing and really take this polish to a whole new level.  I absolutely adore how the black jelly base covers some of the large sliver and blue hexes, but also allows others to be exposed.  

Once again, like all of the other shades from this collection, I did not have to fish for large pieces of glitter, and removal was a breeze.  

Overall, I am obsessed with this new collection.  Disney Princesses take me back to my childhood, and being able to play with these polishes has been fun and challenging.  I wanted to make sure I captured the true essence of the polish, but also the princess.  Like I previously mentioned, this is the first half the collection, and I should be posting the second half in the next week or so.  Keep your eyes peeled!

You can purchase any of the above polishes here.  Also, Heather just came out with a very sexy collection for Mother's Day that you should definitely go check out.  Swatches to come. 

I hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

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