Saturday, February 22, 2014

So Many Manicures. So Little Time

This week has been insane!!  My dad had to in for surgery, again, because he thought there might be spinal fluid leaking.  So basically, I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off.  At least my nails are polished, right?!  ;)  Anyway.  I have quite a few manicures to share with all of you today!

To start:

Featured above on my index and ring finger is Spoiled-Mar-zi-panna as the undie and Oh La La Lacquer-Neonpolitan over it.  I used nail vinyls to create the chevron pattern.  On my remaining nails I put two coats and finished my whole manicure with HK Girl Top Coat.  

Here is a bottle shot.  I absolutely love this polish.  The pictures do not capture the sparkle as well as I would have liked, but this lacquer reminds me of small pieces of candy.  Or even the caviar effect without the small beads!!

Macro shot of my accent nails.  

The second manicure I am posting today features a lemming I have long sought after.  Well, a brand I have long sought after:

Here I applied two coats of Fat Lacquer- Fairy Booze.  I love this purple.  I have so many shades of purple, being it is one of my top three favorite colors.  My room is even painted purple :)  I used butterfly gems that I bought from eBay.  I finished the entire manicure with HK Girl Top Coat.  

I have been wanting to try this brand since I first started finding out about indie brands.  I love the label so much.  I think it is not only unique, but adorable how she puts the ingredients on the back and how she lists them.  Overall, I am very pleased with my two purchases.  I bought the above featured polish and Dwarves in the Lou which is yellow.  

Macro shot.  I love this macro because you can really see the subtle sparkle in this polish that makes it so gorgeous.

The third manicure I am showcasing is:

My nail mail buddy on IG was having a nail art contest and I came up with this design for it.  I wanted to do something really different than the other submissions I had seen.  I used nail vinyls to create the lines.  I used Layla Holo for the undie, Zoya-Thandie and Zoya-Darcy sponged over the create the criss-cross almost plaid design.  I wasn't very fond of this design, and so tired while creating it, but the more I looked at it the more it grew on me.  I had also attempted a different design that I hated and removed immediately.  Always so sad when that happens.  I will definitely recreate this design in the future with different shades like purples, blues, or greens.  

Macro shot of my nubbie middle finger.  I have refused to macro shots of my middle finger ever since the break.  However, I threw self doubt to the wind and went for it.  The cool thing about taking pictures nearly everyday of my nails is that I can see the growth progression.  Slightly creepy, but really cool.  Also, I've been super disappointed about not being able to take macros of this nail because it is the easiest one to photograph!!  Laziness for the win :)

Another macro.  I was so disappointed that this nail came out with the texture at the top.  I didn't realize it at first, but my make up sponge was shedding?  I'm not sure if my polish I used clumped or if it was the sponge.  Either way, I was so sad this happened.  

The last manicure I have to show you is a throwback!!:

I love Pokemon and always will.  I actually still play Pokemon.  I have a Nintendo DS and my boyfriend bought me Pokemon X cause I'm not twenty-three and a college graduate or anything.  Moving on.  I have been obsessing over water decals lately and recently put in a huge order on Etsy.  I will post a photo of my haul in my next post.  

Anyway, I decided to create a pokeball (thumb), masterball (middle finger), and great ball (pinkie finger) and place my two favorite character on my accent nails.  Looking back on this manicure, I would have definitely made the backgrounds of pikachu and jigglypuff the pink/purple instead of two different colors.  Also, I would probably only do the typical red and white pokeball.  The other colors just throw off the manicure, in my opinion.  

For my thumb finger, the regular pokeball, I used OPI-High Maintence and Spoiled-Correction Tape.  I used a black striping pen to create the black detail.  For my index finger I dabbed Fuse-Little Miss Sunshine and Spoiled-Mar-zi-panna and topped it with Glam Polish-Glimmer.  For my middle finger I used Ulta- Ultra Violet Femme and Spoiled-Correction Tape.  For my ring finger I dabbed Zoya-Barbie and OPI- Youre Such a Budapest together and topped it with Glam Polish-Glimmer.  For my pinkie finger I used She-Breaking Dawn and Spoiled-Correction Tape.  

Macro shot of my pokeball.  

Macro shot of Pikachu.  I wish I could have a real Pikachu.

Macro of Jigglypuff.  Isn't she adorable?

After doing this mani,  I realized a bunch of amazing nail artists had done some great 80's/90's cartoon inspired that were just so adorable!!  Have you beauties done any cartoon themed manis?  Who was your favorite Pokemon?  Any suggestions on future cartoon nails for me?  Let me know!! Have a beautiful weekend.  

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