Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas New Years Manicure

So I know that it is a bit early (well for New Years atleast), but I couldn't help myself!! I had to give Christmas/New Years nails a try!  I kind of cheated by leaving my pinkies from the earlier quilted manicure I had done, but I thought that they looked so festive.  In Southern California we obviously do not get snow, but with everyone throughout the entire country going through rain, snow, and sleet I felt like giving myself some pseudo snow.  I think that my christmas tree and party hat look too much alike.  Actually, I think that my party hat looks like a slice of pizza.  But hey, atleast I now know I can draw pizza.  I can't wait to see all the festive Christmas and New Years nails that are circulating around IG and the blog world.  I definitely am going to work on a plaid/ugly sweater design soon.  Show me your wonderfully festive manicures!

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