Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Pebble Manicure

I was bad.  I went to CVS.  I really should not be allowed out of the house this time of year.  It is very difficult not to buy.  So long story short, I got these amazing "pebbles"as I call them, today and I love them.  I hope they last, but who knows.  I probably will end up changing my nails before I can find out but so far so good.  They were definitely difficult to work with at first, but I opted not to use nail glue.  I was worried it might changed the sparkle the small beads have.  I put a top coat over it and tried to tap press as best as possible.  I have one more tube of mixed "pebbles" that I want to try out.  The white nails have another polish that I decided to gift myself today.  Wet n Wild Fergie- Mountain High is on top of OPI-Alpine Snow.  I also received my travel case today for my nail polish.  Since I am going to be with my boyfriend's family for Christmas, away from home, I have decided to bring my hobby with me.
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