Thursday, December 12, 2013

Turquoise Polka Dot Manicure

Boy oh boy am I excited about this mani.  So I used one of my favorite new China Glaze lacquers that I got- Too Yacht to Handle.  The white dots are of course OPI- Alpine Snow.  I did the polka dots, which are also on the thumb nail, with a dotting tool.  I did the stripes on my index and finger fingers with a stripe rite polish that I have.  I am also super happy because I got OPI Nail Envy!! I have been on the quest for any and all products that will strength, length, and all around improve my nails.  A little back story: I had acrylics for about 6 years.  I exclusively visited two salons that I would let do my nails.  I took decent care of them in terms of how often I went and the sanitary conditions of the salons.  However, once I decided to take them off for good my nails were a disaster.  They would flake, chip, and peel.  It has been about a year now and my nails are finally stable.  They still bend, but are getting stronger every day.  Oh, totally forgot, the charm on my middle finger is from one of my favorite IG finds.  (IG: daily_charme).  They carry flat, metallic accents and 3D charms like the one on my middle finger.  What I love most about these charms are that they are reusable!! I did not use a top coat over the charms.  I used nail glue to attach them.  Wish me luck removing them!  But, I did not want to change the outside appearance of the crown at all.  Today is also a very exciting day because my travel nail polish kit arrived!
As sad as this is about to sound, I wish it carried more polishes.  I have organized them according to "type".  So basically, from left to right: holos and sparkly colors, basic colors, glitters, top/bottom/matte coat.  I love the bottom compartment.  It is SO deep.  That large black lid is the top to a nail polish remover container.  The fact that I can fit that AND probably a few more polishes is amazing.  The photo does not show, but there is a back pocket which all my charms and q tips fit perfectly in.  Also, on the sides there are elastic bands which circular gems, studs, pearls, etc. cases fit.  It is the closest to perfect that I could find and I am in love!!  Early Christmas gift?  Let's chalk it up to that.  
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