Sunday, December 15, 2013

I Love Nail Polish & OPI Manicure

Hello Beauties!  Nail mail has been pouring in.  Which reminds me of my horrible shopping addiction.  But hey they first step is admitting I have a problem.  Right?  Well my New Year's resolution is definitely going to be NO MORE PURCHASES.  I already have myself on a short leash.  It's just so hard!!  There are so many deals right now because of the holidays and there are so many indie stores trying to get rid of inventory.  Excuses excuses.  Back to the polish.  So I got my I Love Nail Polish order and let me say I do love it.  This picture only shows the purple shade, but this polish is amazing.  In every different type of lighting the polish changes.  I decided to take a picture of the swatch before I covered it up because why would I make it simple?

I took this picture in the car.  Which, wow, great lighting.  Of course, though, I tend to do my nails at night.  I am definitely looking into a light box.  And/or making my own light box.  The fridge provides good light, but it only works at the moment due to the fact that I am trying to clean everything out before the holidays.  Back to the nails.  So this picture really shows how amazing this I Love Nail Polish is.  I got this purple holo and a green/gold holo.  I have been trying to expand the colors I use.  I tend to buy reds/pinks/blues.  But I've decided to stop discriminating against the greens and purples.  Purple is one of my favorite colors, green is my favorite color.  There is something wrong with me.  I used a silver Stripe-Rite to do the accents.  
I received this OPI in a grab bag from an IG company (IG: glistenandglow1).  I have a lot of the dark blues from OPI, especially from the Skyfall collection.  One of my favorites of all times is I saw...You Saw...We Saw Warsaw.  The title in itself makes me giggle.  Either way, I fell head over heels in love with this shade.  The I Love Nail Polish underneath has this blue shade in it, but it really brings out the purple and gold.  I attempted to do this manicure on my left hand as well.  I wanted to see what a matte top coat would look like.  So no making fun, I am right handed.  
Here is the evidence of my right handedness.  Even taking this picture was difficult.  I really like how the matte looks.  I feel like if I were to use the OPI color again and the matte it could make a cool Game of Thrones/Medieval throwback type of manicure.  The Stripe-Rite was definitely harder to use on the right hand.  But hey, practice will only make me better.  I had to get away from the Christmas manicures for a couple days.  Anyone else sick of them?
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