Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pink Mini Mouse Silver Accent Manicure

Hello Beauties,
Behold.  More nail mail.  See, serious problems.  I couldn't help myself!!  The one on the right has mini-mouse heads in it.  The one on the left is a gorgeous cranberry red.   Also, the lovely Coated in Polish gave me some flat, metal holiday nail decals.  I am definitely going to use them in my manicure on Christmas Eve.
So here is what I did with my new polishes.  On my index and thumb I used an Essie glitter.  On my middle and pinkie I used a polish I received in a grab bag and then put the Coated in Polish over it.  I then did a layer of top coat, another layer of the Coated in Polish and then another top coat.  I was attempting to do a "jelly sandwhich", but I think I would need to use just the Coated in Polish without the base color to get a the true effect. I messed up while doing my ring finger, but it turned out for the best.  I used white Stripe-Rite for the white and a silver small bottle of polish I found at CVS.
Here is a more up close picture and with my thumb.  I love the Essie nail polish that I used on my ring finger and thumb.  I had to use about three coats, but it reminds me of a disco ball.  I definitely will be keeping this polish in mind come my New Years mani.  I think that if I were to use the Coated in Polish again I would definitely scrap the undercoat.  You can barely see the mini heads because of it!!  Sometimes working with glittered polishes, like the Coated in Polish one, you have to shake the bottle for what seems like a century.  Of course, I could always just be more patient, but who needs patience?  I would love to redo this manicure, but instead of pink do silver sparkles and blue.  I wrote it down so I would not forget.  Does anyone else write their ideas down?
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