Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Fickle Fairy Potions- We'll Never Be Royals & Black and White Water Marble

Can you believe how many water decals I ordered?  No, there are not more on the way ;)  When I like something, boy oh boy, do I like it.  So, needless to say the water decal obsession continues.

My first manicure today features one of the cutest water decals I found:

For the undie on this manicure I used OPI- You're Such a Budapest, one coat on all my fingers except my ring finger.  On my ring finger I used two coats.  I then applied two coats of Fickle Fairy Potions-We'll Never Be Royals.  I finished it all off with my all time favorite HK-Girl Top Coat.  

I really love this jelly polish from Fickle Fairy Potions.  The application is easy and even though there are large pieces of glitter I did not have to do that much searching or shaking to apply them.  

For Christmas, my boyfriend ordered me a Gluten-Free Foodie Box.  Basically, it is a monthly subscription that puts together boxes for those with gluten, vegan, and other dietary restrictions.  So far I have really enjoyed everything that I have received.  I have even independently bought products from the box after receving them because they were so good!!  If any of you are interested in the Gluten-Free Foodie Box I suggest you look at their website, and if you like me to do a blog post on a box I receive, I would be more than happy to.  

I promise this tangent has a point.  This month in my box I received earbuds that looked like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Pretty ironic because I had already done my manicure by the time these arrived!!

Arn't these headphones just so adorable?!  I love how they look with this manicure.  So funny how things worked out like that.

Bottom bottle shot of Fickle Fairy Potions-We'll Never be Royals. 

Macro shot of my peanut butter jar water decal.  

This was the water decal I placed on my right hand.  I had to show you beauties because of how cute it was!!  I wish I had chosen a lighter undie so that I could have used it on my left hand and it would have been more visible.  

Some days I have terrible "painter's block" if you will.  I just cannot think of a design for the life of me.  So on days like those why not practice a little water marbling? ;)

Here I have a black and white water marble featuring Spoiled-Visually Slimming & Correction Tape.  On my thumb and pinkie I have Zoya Pixie Dust- London.

Macro shot of Zoya Pixie Dust-London

Macro shot of water marble

Second macro shot of water marble

I really like how this water marble came out.  I definitely had more control over the design.  Obviously, I still need work, but it is so much fun experimenting!!  

Recently, I became a member at Influenster and I am so excited to say that I got chosen for the Uni Vox Box featuring whitening products from Colgate.  I received my box today and will be writing a review in the next upcoming weeks on the product I received.  I am so excited about this opportunity.  

Have any of you beauties been part of anything like Influenster before? Have any of you received any Vox Boxs?  Let me know!!  Have a beautiful night.

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