Friday, February 28, 2014

Hare Polish-Own Your Opulence & Pretty Bitch Polish-Whoregasm

I am very excited today because I have some amazing polishes to share with you lovely ladies.  Pictured above is the amazing nail mail I received from Frankenstein Polish from the Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles collection and my Nail Honey/Dainty Digits Valentines Duo.  This is my first Frankenstein Polish and Dainty Digits Polish purchase.  Stay tuned for future swatches ;)
Warning: The brand of polish and some of the names of lacquer may be offensive to some in this post.

The first manicure I am showing today features a favorite of mine Hare Polish-Own Your Opulence

Bottle shot
Bottom of the bottle.

As you may know from my previous posts, I love Hare Polish.  I find their formula very unique and extremely easy to apply.  This shade is definitely unique in itself and something I have yet to see.  What I love most about this polish is everytime I look at it I think about going to the beach as a kid.  The black flecks, especially, remind me of broken shells I would find littered in the soft sand as I was searching for sand crabs or other beach momentoes to bring home.  I feel very nostalgic when I look at this polish.  I think what I like most about the entire line of Hare Polish is the vintage feel to most of their shades.

For this manicure I applied three thin coats of the Hare Polish.  On my ring finger I used Cult Nails-Faded, two shades, and then placed a water decal on top. I finished the whole manicure with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat.

Macro shot of Hare Polish

Macro shot of the water decal I chose to use depiciting the Birth of Venus.

The second manicure I am showing today features another new indie company I am trying out for the first time: (Warning: This polish company and the names may be offensive to some)

Featured here I have Pretty Bitch Polish-Whoregasm.  I am so excited to be trying out Pretty Bitch Polish for the first time.  I love the name and label right off the bat.  However, the names of the colors are hysterical!  This shade of emerald is so beautiful and easy to apply.

Shown above I have two thin coats of Pretty Bitch Polish topped with flower rhinestones that I used nail glue to apply.  I finished off the manicure with HK Girl Top Coat.

Bottle shot so all you beauties can see the amazing label.

Bottom shot.

I know this picture looks absolutely ridiculous, but I wanted to show you lovely ladies my right hand.  I have been pushing myself to always do my right hand because not only does it force me to practice more of the design I am doing, but overall it has made me more aware of my clean up.  

Macro shot

Macro shot

Macro shot

This design literally took me over two hours to do.  My neck hurt so bad at the end from leaning over staring at these little flowers!!  You cannot even imagine what the clean up was like.  Haha.  

As of recently, I have been feeling very overwhelmed with all the social media, communities, and groups I have become a part of through nail art.  Do you beauties ever feel like it is all just too much?  What do you dolls do to pick yourself back up?  Let me know!!  Have a beautiful, and probably rainy, day :)

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