Thursday, February 13, 2014

She- Harlem & Strawberry Water Marble

She Nail Polish Harlem

Today I have such an amazing indie brand for all of you!! In a recent nail mail I received my first order of She' Nail Polish.  When I decide to order a particular brand of polish, especially indie brands, there are a few things I look at before I jump it.  Brand name, color name, bottle size and shape, and nail polish application are the main things I look at when choosing a new brand.  From the start I love the name of this company.  Every bottle reads "She' colors that brighten up any mood".  So inspirational and happy.  The name of this particular shade is "Harlem".  Love the name of it, especially since the creator of this brand is based in Harlem.  The bottle size and shape is very unique, which I like, since finding it in my massive stash is that much easier.  Lastly, the application of this polish is absolutely to die for.  It looks like gel polish and finishes so smooth.  I applied two coats and finished it off with HK Girl Top Coat.

She Nail Polish Harlem

Here is a macro shot of the polish alone.  I love the pink, peach hue to it.  I am a huge fan of peach and especially salmon shades, but have like none in my collection.  This shade is not only a new favorite, but definitely beefs up my peach collection.

She Nail Polish Harlem Marilyn Monroe Water Decal

Of course I had to take a macro shot of the water decal Marilyn Monroe I used.  I have definitely become slightly obsessed with water decals.  I love how easy they are to use and especially how clean they are.  I received these water decals from a seller on eBay.  I currently am awaiting some other ones that I ordered from Etsy that I cannot wait to show you beauties!!

Beauty Box 5

Lucky lucky me, I received my February Beauty Box 5!!  I was so excited when I opened it and found not only nail polish, but also matching caviar!!  (Since I totally don't have enough caviar).  Also, the lotion smells absolutely amazing.  

The second manicure I am showing today is a *gasp* water marble

Strawberry Water Marble

I can't explain it.  Maybe it's the fact that you have to move fast, or how many steps it takes to get to the end result, but I am having a torrid love affair with water marbles.  No seriously, my boyfriend is starting to get jealous.

I bought these little strawberry cabochons from eBay awhile ago and have been racking my brain trying to figure out how to use them.  I decided on a water marble using OPI-High Maintenance, Spoiled-Permission to Proceed and The Juice Box Lacquer- Tempting Teacher. As always, I finished the whole manicure off with a layer of HK Girl Top Coat.

Strawberry Water Marble

Macro of my index.  I love the small red line through the white near the strawberry on the right hand side of the nail.  It almost looks like an arrow.  

Strawberry Water Marble

Macro shot of my thumb.  Excuse my overly dry cuticles.  I have been waiting on a new nail polish remover and have had to resort to acetone for clean up.  

Strawberry Water Marble

Macro shot of my ring finger.

Even though I have had a few days to mourn my middle finger nail, I am still very upset that it broke.  I have been religiously taking Biotin, however, only time will heal it.  

What are some of your beauties' remedies to help your nails grow?  Let me know!!   

Also, I just wanted to take a second to say thank you to all the amazing #SITSblogging ladies that have stopped by this past week!! It has been such an amazing opportunity to be a part of this group and get to read all your amazing blogs.  I have found some fantastic women with some great blogs.  I have had such a blast, and can't wait for all the other opportunities that SITS affords.  

Have a beautiful day!!

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