Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines Day Manicures

Roses and Lays Chips

I just want to start by wishing you all a belated Valentine's Day!!  I hope you all had a lovely day loving yourselves and of course, covering yourselves in polish!  The boyfriend went out to get me flowers and, no teasing, my favorite chips on the planet.  Sometimes they are really hard to find, and it's been an ongoing joke for a few months now that we have to buy them when we find them.  

The first Valentine's Day manicure I did of the month (go me, two total manicures, ha!):

Butter Alcopop Squishy Face Polish Miss Piggy at the Disco

Butter-Alcopop topped with Squishy Face Polish- Miss Piggy at the Disco with a stamp using Nicole OPI-Scarlett and hand drawing the XOXO.  

Butter Alcopop Squishy Face Polish Miss Piggy at the Disco

Squishy Face Polish Miss Piggy at the Disco

Butter Alcopop Squishy Face Polish Miss Piggy at the Disco
Macro shot of my index finger

Butter Alcopop Squishy Face Polish Miss Piggy at the Disco
Macro shot of my thumb

Butter Alcopop XOXO kiss stamp
Macro shot of my ring finger.

I love how the stamp came out, for once.  This was only my third stamping experience, but it definitely is becoming easier.  Also, the Nicole OPI was the perfect shade of red to use as lipstick.  

The second manicure I have pictured below was what I wore on Valentine's Day.  Instead of chocolate and roses (even though I got chips and roses ha! :) )  The boyfriend got me B2Squared Lacquer's Valentine's collection.  

B2Squared Lacquer

For this manicure I used B2Squared Lacquer-Diva and Bling Bling.  For the tips I used a piece of scotch tape to create the line.  Then I used a silver striping polish to create the line, then individually placed pieces from Bling Bling.  I used a watermark that I bought from a seller on eBay on my ring finger over Bling Bling.  I absolutely adore both polishes, but the Bling Bling is so amazing.  The base of the polish is very holo and beautiful on its own.  However, with the addition of the large, medium and small hexes and flakes it is just over the top gorgeousness.  

The Book of Mormon

Sorry for the poor lighting, but the Pantages theater is not the best place for nail photos.  For Valentine's Day the boyfriend and I went to this incredible Italian restaurant in Hollywood and then to see The Book of Mormon.  It was a hysterical show, but seriously offensive.  If you like South Park humor, this play is right for you.

B2Squared Lacquer
Bottle shot.  How gorgeous is this polish?!

B2Squared Lacquer
Second bottle shot.

B2Squared Lacquer
Macro of my index finger.

B2Squared Lacquer
Macro of my ring finger.

Throughout the week I have been participating in the #SITSblogging comment-a-thon.  Not only was I able to find some great blogs, but also some amazing women!!  One thing I noticed though, was a trend of posts discussing how women do not value themselves or feel that men are the only way to find self-validation.  After reading several posts on the subject I started thinking about how sad this phenomenon is.  I know with Valentine's Day just passing, the idea of love and being in a relationship was on everyone's minds, but why can't we start obsessing over the relationship with ourselves instead of our relationships with others.  

I have always firmly believed that in order to find love, true love, you have to love yourself.  How could anyone be able to find something that they themselves cannot see?  

 Basically, what I am trying to say is, screw everything.  Screw the media, screw society, screw Hallmark, especially, and screw self-doubt.  No one on this Earth should feel like they are not pretty enough, smart enough, or good enough to deserve love.

Love yourself.  Why not?

I am done ranting.  I know it is a bit different than the usual post, but I had to say something.  Women need to start loving themselves and each other.  The world today is filled with enough hate.  What do you beauties do to love yourself everyday?  Have you been noticing the same trends?  Let me know, and as always, have a beautiful day!!

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