Sunday, March 30, 2014

Loaded Lacquer Island Punch & She Nail Polish Memories

One of the first nail IG accounts I ever started following was the amazingly talented Amy McG (@mcpolish).  She is the queen, and I believe inventor, of jelly sandwiches.  She also rocks the cutest shorties!!  I finally decided to take the leap, inspired by my nail crush, and try my first jelly sandwich with my first Loaded Lacquer order.  

In order to create this sandwich I started with two layers of Loaded Lacquer Island Punch.  Then I painted a layer of glitter, Models Own Freak Out!.  Finally, I painted a single layer of Loaded Lacquer Island Punch.  I chose to matte this jelly because I absolutely adore the look matte jellies.  Matte top coats definitely makes them easier to photograph and capture the details of the glitter.  I used two coats of Hard Candy Matte. 

Bottle shot of Island Punch by Loaded Lacquer

Macro of Island Punch jelly sandwich.  Models Own Freak Out! is such an incredible glitter.  I have slowly been noticing that I have this thing for geometric pieces of glitter.  The triangles and shattered pieces in this glitter are just so gorgeous!!  I usually am not a huge fan of lined pieces of glitter, but I really love the balance it brings.  

This manicure turned out way differently than I had originally envisioned it and drawn it out.  I was originally inspired by my beautiful friend Melissa (@lissamel9) and her out of this world stamping technique!!  I have been obsessed with negative space as of late, as well, so why not do a negative space stamping mani?  This is why.  This manicure is why!!  I think I rushed it a bit, since I was going out and needed to get it done fast, but I just wish the blue were showcased more because this She Nail Polish is so beautiful!!  And compared the rest of her collection, this one is so different and unique.  I am obsessed with the gold flakes in this teal polish name Memories.  I used Nail Vinyls to create the triangles at the base of my nails.  If I were to redo this manicure I would probably do the triangles at the top/ make a french tip design.  I think that would look nicer.  The stamp is from plate CH44.  

Bottle shot of Memories

This past weekend I was able to participate in my first ever local meet up with some beautiful and incredibly talented women!!  It was such a blast going to a local nail supply store, my first time, and have nonstop hours of nail talk!!  

Have any of you ladies ever participated in local meet ups or made friends (near or far) through virtual nail communities?  Let me know!!  Have a beautiful Sunday.

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