Friday, April 4, 2014

Nabi Holo Teal & Picture Polish Attitude

Holos are definitely some of my favorite types of polishes.  I melt every time I see how they transition in the light.  Nabi is a favorite brand of mine for holos.  I found this teal shade on a destash a couple months ago and could not wait to try it.  With Spring in full swing and the sun brightly shining, I knew I could get some great photos with this incredible holo.

Macro of Nabi Holo Teal

Marco of my stamped accent.  I was hoping the stamp would show up better, however, in the end I actually quite enjoy how light it is.  I used plate BM318 to create this look.

Destashes can be truly amazing places to buy polishes.  I have had Picture Polish on my *need* list for quite some time and when I stumbled upon it from a U.S. seller, I couldn't pass up the opportunity!!

Pictured here I have Picture Polish Attitude paired with some edgy studs I found on eBay.   As always, purples are a beast to capture, but this polish is so stunning, I'm not sure any picture could ever do it justice.  I love the subtle glitter and how strong this shade is.

Macro.  Look at the stunning glitter!

Macro of my accent nail.

Once again, I find myself slacking on blogging and falling severely behind.  If you ever want to see more current manis check my Instagram feed @saraxbeara.  I am definitely going to have to do some serious work to catch up, though!

I usually edit my photos on my phone, then email them to my computer, then save.  It can definitely be a time consuming process.  How do you beauties process your photos?  Let me know!!  Have a beautiful weekend.

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