Friday, March 28, 2014

Mod Lacquer Mini Manis

Typically, I am not a big fan of mini nail polishes because I want more polish!!  However, when I saw Mod Lacquer was having a sale and I could get all four shades from the Powdered Confection Collection, I knew that minis were the only way since I have been a bad, bad, bad.  My collection has exploded.  It is insane.  But I could not pass up on these incredible polishes!!  They look so good I could eat them ;)  First up I did Blueberry Bliss.  I love this shade of blue.  Just the perfect sky blue.  However, the flecks of white and darker blue just put this polish over the top!!  For this manicure I did three thin coats, but two coats would be more than enough.  I definitely would suggest using a peel able base for these polishes due to the large pieces of glitter.  I used water decals that I purchased from eBay for my accent nail.

Macro of Blueberry Bliss

Macro of accent nail for Blueberry Bliss

For my second mini mani I chose to use the Blackberry Cream.  This lavender shade is just too delicious.  Honestly, I think I would buy all these shades without the confection glitter, and then the ones with it as well!!  I am just beyond obsessed.  For this manicure I used three thin coats.  You can definitely get away with two coats, easily, however, I think it got a little bit darker with the third coat.  

Macro of the delicious Blackberry Cream

Macro of my stamping accent from plate CH44

At first, I would definitely have to say that Minty Kisses was my least favorite, and I think it was just because I am not the biggest fan of green.  It's weird, I love green, just not green nails.  I can't explain it!!  Either way, I was happily surprised when I put this shade on and instantly fell in love.  I get a total mint cookie ice cream vibe from this polish.  Also, I would wait until after St. Patty's to find this beaut!!  I applied three thin coats and a top coat of HK Girl Top Coat.

Macro of Minty Kisses

Macro of my accent nail using fimo clay slices

I definitely saved my favorite shade for last.  I want to eat this polish, order four more and eat them all.  This shade of pink is just too adorable, but the name is even more cute!  Pink tart definitely showcases the best of the Confection Collection.  I used three thin coats and finished with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat.

Macro of Pink Tart

Macro of my accent nail using donut cabochons

Collage of my accent nails

I had such a blast putting together the collages for these four mini manis.  I definitely will be adding these to my future wish list as well!!  I loved the application of every single polish and think that it looks fantastic alone or paired with other polishes.

Nail Art March is coming to and end, and all I can say is where did March go?!  I blinked and April was here.  I am so excited about the next upcoming months and the new changes that are going to be happening in my life.  

I hope all of you beauties enjoyed my mini manis.  Do you beauties prefer to buy full sized polishes or minis?  Let me know!  Have a beautiful night.

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