Saturday, April 12, 2014

Charlie's Rad Lacquer Shattered Prize, Pink Checkers & Fickle Fairy Potions Lemonritas & Tan Lines

I am over the moon that I finally get to show you beauties this manicure!!  I did it a couple of weeks ago, but could not figure out the right post to put it in with all the catching up I had to do.  The reason I am so excited to show this mani is because these are the prizes that I won in Kristi's amazing giveaway!!  Go check out her blog here.  Charlie's Rad Lacquer has been an indie company on my *want* this for quite some time.  So when I won I was thrilled that not only did I get two amazing polishes, but also this super secret mini!!
For this mani I started with three thin coats of the unnamed mini polish.  Getting an accurate picture of this shade was so difficult.  Not only is it purple, but it has a gorgeous shimmer to it.  I topped each nail with Shattered, the other polish pictured above.  I stamped an image from plate Pueen45 for my accent nail.  I love these polishes, and I cannot thank Kristi enough for hosting such a rad giveaway!!

Some days when I stamp it goes smoothly, takes like no time at all, and I think to myself "Why don't I stamp everyday?!"  Then I have days where I want to throw my stamper across the room and renounce nail art.  (I never actually could ;) )  So there is no explanation behind how this design came to be.  It just was out of frustration, time constraint, and tiredness.  

For this manicure I started with two thin coats of Ulta Encore Pink.  Then I used an image from stamping plate BM16 to create the checkers.   Probably, the most frustrating part of this entire manicure was the fact that my stamping plate had a tiny area that was not carved right so it left this knick at the bottom that pissed my OCD off.  I'm not sure how to fix it/if I can fix it.  I am definitely going to have to look into. 

This week is supposed to be in the high 80's, low 90's all week, which just makes me want to dive in a pool and come up to have like four thousand strawberry margaritas waiting.  A girl can dream can't she?  So since I can't actually live in margarita heaven, I figured why not pretend?

For this manicure I used three thin coats of Fickle Fairy Potions Lemonritas & Tan lines thermal.  I then topped it with a heavy coat of HK Girl Top Coat, and fimo clay fruit slices.  I dabbed small amounts of top coat onto the fimo slices themselves, and the nail to get the slices to stay.  However, after a couple of hours of wear, the slices started to crack and peel up.  Fimo slices are definitely much better suspended in acrylic nails, but I love how they look!

I love this thermal so much!!  It changes so quickly and easily and makes it the perfect summer thermal.  The picture above, the orange shade, is the polish in it's cold state.

This is the polish in it's hot state.

This thermal is so receptive that it was changing while I was sitting on the couch!  I am definitely going to be buying more thermals in the future because I love watching them change.  I also think this polish would be perfect for a summer-y pedicure!

Do you beauties like thermals?  What are some of your favorite brands that make thermals?  Let me know!!  Have a beautiful weekend.

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