Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Heather's Hues "HK & Friends" Collection Review & Swatches

Heather's Hues "HK & Friends" Collection

Sanrio inspired collection?  Say what?!  You heard it right!!  Heather has done it AGAIN.  She created the cutest, most adorable and spot on collection inspired by Sanrio characters.  Here brand new"HK & Friends"collection is available now!  You can purchase any of the above shades, as well as many others,  here.

Source: Youryoutopia
First up: Kiki & Lala

Heather's Hues "Twin-Kling Little Stars"

"Twin-kling Little Stars" is a playful glitter topper with various shaped pastel pink, blue, and yellow stars inspired by Kiki & Lala the Little Twin Stars.  I paired this topper with a pastel pink, yellow and blue base.  I used two coats of "Twin-kling Little Stars" and hand placed a couple stars to create a fuller look.  I then topped it everything with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat.

The stars in this polish have a tendency to sink towards the bottom.  However, after storing my bottle upside down for 10 minutes I have no issues. Also, it is very easy to pull stars out of the bottle for placement.  Overall, this manicure was very easy to achieve with little fishing.

Heather's Hues "Twin-Kling Little Stars" China Glaze "There's Snow One Like You"

Since the twins are always depicted in the clouds I decided to add a little accent of clouds!  I used China Glaze "There's Snow One Like You" and a dotting tool to create the clouds here.

Heather's Hues "Twin-Kling Little Stars"

Macro shot of "Twin-kling Little Stars".  Excuse the bubbles here.  I applied my top coat too thick and it created bubbles underneath the layer.  "Twin-kling Little Stars" itself did not cause bubbles or build up.  

Source: Skinit
Next up: Tuxedo Sam

Heather's Hues "Proper Penguin" thermal

"Proper Penguin" is an icy blue thermal that shifts from light to dark blue with various shaped green and blue glitter pieces and micro glitters.  This shade was inspired by Tuxedo Sam and I drew inspiration from the above photo of the little cutie.  I chose to add fimo clay ice cream cones to represent this chilly Penguin.  

The above photo is during transition.  I created this look by starting with two coats of "Proper Penguin".  I then topped it with HK Girl Top Coat and placed the fimo clay ice cream cone slices.

Heather's Hues "Proper Penguin" thermal

I LOVE this thermal.  It works so great!  As you can see in the above collage the hot state is light blue and the cold state is dark blue with the gradient transition from top to bottom.

Heather's Hues "Proper Penguin" thermal

Macro shot during transition.  Brrr what a chill thermal! ;)  
I know, I am just too punny.

Source: HelloKitty.fr

Now presenting: Chococat

Heather's Hues "Warm (Cocoa) Kitty"

"Warm (Cocoa) Kitty" is a deep, delicious chocolate brown with purple and gold various sized glitter flakes.  I created this look by starting with two coats of "Warm (Cocoa) Kitty" inspired by Chococat.  I created my accent nails, inspired by the above picture, by starting with a base of Sinful Colors "Snow me White".  I then used various colors and dotting tools to create the colorful dots.  I finished with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat.

Heather's Hues "Warm (Cocoa) Kitty"

Macro shot of "Warm (Cocoa) Kitty".

Heather's Hues "Warm (Cocoa) Kitty"

Second macro shot of "Warm (Cocoa) Kitty".  Here you can see the gorgeous different sized pieces of gold and purple glitter.  I love the depth of this polish and how it can be dressed up or down.  This is a fantastic brown polish to add to any collection.

Source: Weheartit
Last, but definitely the most cute: Pippo

Heather's Hues "This Little Pig"

"This Little Pig" is an adorable pastel pink polish base with turquoise and pink various sized glitter pieces.  I created this look by starting with two coats of "This Little Pig".  I created my accent nail by watermarbling a couple Color Club unnamed polishes together.  I then hand placed pig fimo clay slices and rhinestones to accent the look.  I finished with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat.

Heather's Hues "This Little Pig"

Macro shot of "This Little Pig".  I am so beyondin

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