Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kitty Polish Swatches & Review

Kitty Polish Sunny Day, Candy, & Very Berry

Meow!!  Kitty Polish is an adorable, 5 free indie brand that I had the pleasure of reviewing and using for the first time.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the shades in this blog post, or any other of Chelsey's gorgeous polishes you can find her store here.

Now to the good stuff:

Kitty Polish Sunny Day

"Sunny Day" is an intense, neon yellow jelly.  I created this mani by starting with two coats of "Sunny Day".  For my ring finger and pinkie, I used chevron nail vinyls and "Very Berry" to create this accented look.  Nail studs are from Winstonia.  I finished with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat.  Sadly, my top coat created major bubbles, so please forgive my macro.  It's horrendous.  

However, this polish, on the other hand, I. Love. It.  Jelly polishes can be such a pain to work with, but not Kitty Polish.  I love how opaque it is, especially for a color like yellow!  Also, application was easy with no dragging or balding.

Kitty Polish Sunny Day

Macro shot of "Sunny Day".  I apologize again for the nasty bubbles.  
*shakes fist at Top Coat*

Next up:

Kitty Polish Very Berry

I was so in love with how my accented nails turned out on the previous mani that I just knew I had to recycle it for my swatch of "Very Berry".  "Very Berry" is a yummy, maroon jelly polish with a subtle shimmer to it.  I created this mani by starting with two coats of "Very Berry", and using nail studs from Winstonia.  I finished with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat.

Kitty Polish Very Berry

Macro shot of "Very Berry".  Here you can see the beautiful, subtle shimmer to this delicious jelly polish.  Once again, I was very pleased with application of this polish.


Kitty Polish Candy

"Candy" is a funky, fresh glitter topper with micro blue glitter and larger purple glitter pieces.  I used a base of two different Essie polishes and created a glitter gradient with "Candy" by Kitty Polish.

I really liked this glitter topper, especially compared to other toppers I have, because it was very easy to use.  There was no dabbing or fishing in order to achieve this manicure.  Also, I love the shade of the blue, micro glitter.  Such a beautiful color.

Kitty Polish Candy

I was so into this topper that I decided to make a ring out of it!  I love how the ring looks with the mani, especially since I used two different shades of Essie as a base.

Kitty Polish Candy

Macro shot of "Candy".  
Here you can see the beautiful blue, micro glitter!

Overall, I am very happy with my polishes from Kitty Polish.  I absolutely adore the name of the brand, and the bottle design.  However, these are probably the best labels I have ever seen, hands down.  The label is etched into the bottle which makes the bottles look and feel so professional and classy.

I adore all of the shades that Chelsey has created, and I would definitely recommend this brand to everyone I know.  If you're looking for a very reliable, opaque polish then definitely check out Kitty Polish.  You can find Chelsey's store here.  

I hope you all enjoyed my swatches and manis,
 and I hope you have a beautiful day!
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