Sunday, December 15, 2013

Black, White with Silver Stripes & Diamond Charm

Hello Beauties,
So after two nail fails I was able to get this manicure last night.  Thank god, because it was getting to a point where I was quite frustrated with everything.  After the mini-mouse manicure, which I had done twice, one failed attempt a "spring meadow" manicure, and a failed attempt at this manicure I was pretty much over manicuring for the night.  But I decided to not throw in the towel and I came up with this.  So I did this manicure once before, however, I had alternating white and black undies.  However, when I went to open my BRAND NEW Stripe-Rite black the brush was deformed.   I mean, I have never seen something like this before.  I am thinking about possibly putting it in acetone and seeing if that helps.  If not, I will just be using other brushes.  Stupid brushes.  Anyways.  It looked like half stripes half zebra so that needed to be scraped.  I used nail glue to apply to charm.  The charm is from my favorite company in the world for charms Daily Charme.  I couldn't help myself.  I bought some new charms a few days ago.  Obviously this whole "do not shop" thing only works out some of the time.  I think that today I might get back to the Christmas themed manicures.  Atleast one.  Since I have a strange obsession with doing my nails multiple times a day.  How often does everyone else do their nails?
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