Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ciate Mini Lined Manicure & I Love Nail Polish Swatch

Hello Beauties,
 I leave tomorrow for the holidays and I am just so sad.  Obviously, I am very happy to see family and friends that I have not seen in awhile, but I have to leave so much nail polish at home!!  Woe is me.  So since I have yet to try out my new Ciate minis from the advent calendar set they have I decided today was the day!!
I used Essie- Set in Stones for the accent nails.  Then I used a white Stripe-Rite for the lines and accents.  I really like the middle finger detail and design.  I tried recreating it on my other hand.  Obviously, without much success.  Oh the perils of being right handed.  I was totally impatient by the end of this manicure and totally rushed the top coat.  Hence the smeared edges on the index finger nail.  Also, I was super impatient and banged my nails around a bit while they were drying. 

 Sadly, I decided to immediately remove this manicure and go for something more simple for tomorrow.  I definitely have OCD when it comes to having my nails painted.  I can never have just one hand painted.  I can never have one nail on one hand painted but not the other (ie. if my index is chipped on my right it better be chipped or it will be on my left).  And I can't have two completely different designs.  Colors, different story.  But the nails have to be cohesive.  Enough about my mental nail issues.

For my super simple after mani, I decided to swatch a new holo I got from I Love Nail Polish a little while ago.  This one is called Nostalgia.  I love the different shades in it!!  I want a separate bottle of each shade on its own and then this as a whole.  I was so happy that this picture captures the purple glimmer to it as well.  

I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season!!  Where are you all traveling to for Christmas and New Years?

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