Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Purple, Blue, Green Gradient with Studs

Hello Beauties,
Well today marked the start of watermarking.  I figured why not spend the extra time to basically copyright the images that I'm producing.  Also, I read a terrible story about this amazing artist and blogger getting totally plagiarized by a fellow blogger.  It is just so sad to me that someone would feel the need to steal and idea from someone and represent as their own.

Anyway.  This is a gradient mani that I did.  This is probably the first really successful gradient that I have been able to achieve. I used a base color of white and then started with the purple, then blue, then green with a bit of yellow overlay.  I found that by going back over every color each time I added a new one (for example: when I put the blue on I did the purple afterwards to bring it out more.  Then when I did the green I did the blue and then the purple).  I felt that this was the best way to make the colors pop, but also to fix the problem that I had been having in previous gradient manis, and that was the blending of the colors.  The yellow at the bottom made a world of difference.

I purchased the stud wheel from Amazon.  I used only a top layer to stick them on and a top layer to seal them.  However, they did fall off the next day.  I would suggest nail glue for a more permanent decoration.
Here is a more up close picture of the mani.  I think next time I would really like to do a rainbow gradient.  I was trying to do that this time, but realized I would not have room with the way my current gradient was going.  I could have over laid the colors, but I was very happy with how this looked by itself.  I think that once my nails are a bit longer I will be able to create it more easily.

What kind of gradients have any of you tried?  Also, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that takes the time to read my blog.  I am very new to all of this and am just starting to get into it and get the hang of things.  All comments, feedback, likes, and views are so greatly appreciated.  I am so happy that I can share my nail art journey with all of you!
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