Tuesday, January 14, 2014

27 Candles by Nail Honey & Cinderella Swatches

 I just wanted to begin with something not nails.  Just a pretty shot of my parent's backyard.  Actually, the original reason I got this picture was because I thought the colors would make for a fantastic gradient.  Definitely something I am going to keep in mind with future manis.

Here is a shot of the swatch I did of 27 candles by Nail Honey.  I am obsessed with this polish.  I definitely do not own anything like it.  The peach is adorable on its own, but the rainbow specks give it this birthday cake vibe.  I want to use this by itself, in conjunction with other colors, pretty much anyway that I can.  

Here is another shot of the 27 candles, but also with a different light.  The peach is beyond adorable!!

Once again I decided to experiment with my Cinderella hand.  I have just been super excited to try out all these amazing polishes I have been getting.  I really love the Juice Box Lacquer on my index finger.  It would make such a great top coat for any occasion, but it really reminds me of a children's birthday party.  

Here is a shot of all of the lacquers I used from thumb to pinky (left to right).  Sorry for the quality, when I originally took it I thought that it turned out a lot clearer than it obviously did.  I was very happily surprised by each lacquer and I was so happy that I got a preview of what they looked like.

What do you guys do with your Cinderella hand?  Do you paint it with the same manicure, do you leave it nude or do you experiment?  Let me know!

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