Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pretty & Polished meets Black Tie Affair

Today I decided to do a Pretty & Polished manicure- Boots & Bows.  On my index finger I have a Butter London polish overlaid with B2squared Lacquer.  The charm is from you guessed it!! Daily Charme.  So I am just in love with pretty much all of this.  The Pretty & Polished is fantastic because of how unique the polish is.  I have this color and In Love with a Farmer's Daughter.  The names, the label, the colors, I pretty much love this whole brand.

As weird as this sounds, I am not a huge Butter London user.  I have a few of the polishes, but when I first started getting into lacquer I thought that they were overrated.  I was wrong.  This pink is adorable!!  I got it on sale on Hautelook.  (One of the major advantages of Butter being a Nordstrom brand)

The second mani I decided to do was using my brand new Cult Nails cream black and the accent nail is Black Tie Affair- Krafty Gurl.  For the longest time I exclusively used OPI for plain colors like black & white.  However, sometimes, the polishes came out streaky.  Whether it was my application, how the bottles were, or how little polish was left I was often disappointed in how the manicure turned out.  Also, I typically have to apply upwards of 3 coats to get the right look.  This cream polish from Cult Nails makes me want to throw out every single OPI that I own.  I literally used one coat.  That is all it took and there was no show through, no streaks, no nothing.  I definitely believe that Cult Nails is a cult, and everyone should own a bottle.

Here is an underneath shot of the Black Tie Affair by Krafty Gurl Designs.  Since I just spent a good while obsessing over Cult Nails it is Krafty Gurl's time.  This Black Tie Affair is one of the most versatile polishes there is.  At my local CVS, I have been stalking the Maybelline polka dots section for weeks.  Everytime I visit thought, they are sold out of the black and white polish I want.  Luckily, my nail mail buddy on IG came through and got me a bottle to my surprise.  However, when compared to this indie I have to say the indie wins.  Black Tie Affair is fantastic as a top coat or by itself.  It has the "polka dot" esque look, but the bars give it something else.  A total New Year's must.  

I know I usually put links every time I list a brand, but today I did it only for the first mention.  Which way do you guys like better?  Do you guys like the links?   Let me know.  Have a beautiful day!

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