Thursday, January 9, 2014

Glam Polish, Philly loves Lacquer, Nail Honey and always some HK Girl Top Coat

When I first started this manicure it was going in a completely different direction.  I am actually quite sad that it did not come out the way I originally intended for it to.  I had originally put a base coat of yellow that I intended to have show through with a layer of blue over the top.  However, when I went to peel off the tape that I had placed to create the triangles I saw that I had not waited long enough and the paint peeled off with the tape.  Basically, lesson learned, I need to be more patient when it comes to using tape in manicures.  Glam Polish is slowly becoming one of my favorite indie brands.  I have used this blue before, but I thought it would be perfect for the yellow/blue manicure I was originally trying to do.  

Here is another shot of the same mani.  I used Stripe-Rite for the line work.  But buyer beware: I bought a black Stripe-Rite on Amazon a few weeks ago and the brush was totally bent and destroyed!! I have been thinking about letting it sit in acetone/nail polish remover for a few days and then hopefully being able to move it and form it.  At this point, the product is totally unusable for straight lines.  Zebra print, different story.  So not a total loss.  

On my "Cinderalla" hand I opted to swatch some polishes that I have been dying to try.  Once again, Glam Polish on three of my nails (index, middle and ring) and I love love love it.  The lacquer applies so smoothly and the glitter in each one is so unique.  Also, unlike most glitter polishes, I had little to no difficult in removing it.  For my thumb I was able to use one of my indie polishes from Philly Loves Lacquer.  I originally stumbled upon this company through a fellow nail blogger and knew I had to purchase their "I'm Ron Burgundy?".  But I also decided to give their Fancy Brigade a try because I felt that my collection was lacking green hues.  Funny enough, my sister must have been thinking the same thing because she bought me a TON of green polishes for Christmas.

Here is a picture of the polishes I used on my "Cinderalla" hand in the order I used them from thumb to pinky (left to right) and of course I topped it all of with my HK Girl Top Coat.  I am one of the biggest fans of HK Girl Top Coat.  My main reason is because I believe that this formula brings out the best of every nail polish.  Also, the drying time is unreal.  

Here is a shot of the butt ends of the polishes so that I can be lazy and not write out each and every single polish and name.  This was my first time using Nail Honey lacquer and I am obsessed.  Not only do I love the color of the Jaded, but also the application was flawless.  The adorable bottles don't hurt the situation either.  

I want to see and hear about some of your favorite swatched polishes!  Let me know what recent polishes you have tried for the first time and how you like them.

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