Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Break from Manicuring, but not Lacquer

I decided to take a day break from manicuring to take a look at my collection, organize and you betcha....swatched the entire collection.  I realized a few things by doing this.  
1. I am addicted to nail polish
2. Painting nail polish for hours on end will definitely get you high
3. I have a very serious addiction to nail polish (not the fumes, haha, just the lacquer)

Here is the second shot of my collection.  I am currently in the process of finding a better, safer container for all my "children".  That is probably the first and last time I will ever refer to lacquer as my "children".  Precious, that's a different story.  

Here is a photo of all the swatches I was able to finish.  I labeled the back with A-G and numbered them.  I have a corresponding notebook with all the brands and names.  Also, I was able to organize my boxes pretty much in the same order so finding polish has been the easiest.  

I was absolutely beyond excited when I received these awesome things in the mail.  I cannot wait to try the gold and silver flakes!

I have literally been waiting on this caviar since probably the end of November.  I love buying things from Japan, but they always take so long to get here.  The one benefit is that I always forget so when I receive the package it is just as exciting as buying it all over again!!

Where do you guys purchase your accessories and lacquer?  Have a beautiful day!

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