Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Today is a very exciting day indeed.  I received my Nail Vinyls!! For a long time I have used tape in order to create perfect lines or different designs in my manicures.  Often, I have found, that they stick or peel the polish off.  Granted, I am not very patient, but even still scotch tape just doesn't seem to do the trick.  

After using Nail Vinyls for the first time I am a believer.  Ha!  Obviously cutting this kind of design out of scotch tape would probably be near impossible.  What I love most about the vinyls are that they seem to seal better than scotch tape.  Something that has always bothered me about tape is that along the edges it does not seem to stick all the way.  So what I mean is that at the very end of a line or some design there is almost like a small ear attached.  That is because the tape does not fully seal against the cuticle leaving space for the lacquer to get inside.  Being slightly OCD, it bothers me. 

This was the second manicure I did using Nail Vinyls.  I am obsessed with this gradient.  I had to only use three colors too!!  The purple is Sinful Colors- Verbena.  The hot pink is Spoiled-Cotton Mouth and the light pink is Zoya-Barbie.  I also decided to use a Glam Polish sparkle over the gradient as well.  For the white base I used OPI-Alpine Snow.

Here is another hot of the same mani.  I am so sad that my pinkie got so messed up.  The gradient created a small buildup around the nail vinyls.  In the future I just need to use less polish and it will be fine.  I like this shot though because my thumb is in it.  Next time I would definitely use tweezers to apply and remove the vinyls.

What do you guys use for your line designs?  Let me know!  Have a beautiful day!!

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