Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Manicures

Hello Beauties,

My boyfriend's mom loves Christmas.  Which means I love her because she makes more Christmas cookies than any person I have ever met.  So many different types and ziploc bags upon ziploc bags.  The cream cheese and candy cane ones are definitely favorites. 

This is a manicure I did for Christmas Eve.  I went with a solid red China Glaze and gold accents from Amazon.  I am so obsessed with these accents that I ordered another pair before my New Year's resolution kicked in.  No more shopping, unless necessary, for 2014!  

I also had the privilege of doing my sister's nails with some early Christmas gifts she gave me.  She bought me several Glam Polish collections that I am beyond excited to explore.  Their line of colors is fantastic and their glitters are so sparkly!

This is a picture of the manicure that I did for Christmas day.  I went with a pearled accent nail because it reminded me of snow.  I love the snowflakes as well, but they were such a pain to apply.  I need to figure out a better way to put on flat decals like these without the edges peeling up.  They always get caught on clothes, hair, etc. when I don't "seal" them all the way.  

What do you guys do to keep decals and charms from falling off?

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