Saturday, January 4, 2014

Woah...Lot of Catching Up

Hello Beauties!!
And Happy New Year.
I have been traveling, spending time with family(s), and eating WAY too much good food.  I decided to take a small hiatus from posting, but did not stop creating.  I have a few manis to update everyone on :)  This was a beautiful holo that I received as a gift.  I love how it looks outside in natural light!

Here is another shot of the same manicure but with indoor lighting.  I love the way it catches the light.  Cult Nails has been stealing my heart.  Their polishes are great, shades are fantastic, and application is always smooth.  I just bought a new black cream from them that I am dying to try.  The charm is from my favorite charm company: Daily Charme.

Did any of you travel during this holiday season?  Where to?  
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