Saturday, January 4, 2014

Tonight's Manicure

Hello Beauties

Here is my last post of the night, I promise.  I finally caught up.  Another reason for my brief hiatus was that I was in the process of applying for law school.  As of today, I have submitted all of my applications for review.  I celebrated by using my OPI-Liquid Sand for the first time and boy am I excited.  I absolutely love the texture.  You do not apply a top coat, but I am thinking about experimenting with different top coats and seeing how it reacts.  Why not? For my light purple fingers I used a fantastic Pretty & Polished.  Once again, an Indie brand that has stolen my heart.  I would even argue that I like Indies more than I like mainstream brands.  The charm is from none other than Daily Charme.  

What kind of accents do you guys like to use?  (ie. charms, pearls, studs, etc.)

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