Saturday, January 18, 2014

LA Pride & Nail Vinyls

So the first mani I am showing here today is my "Los Angeles" inspired manicure.  I tried to recreate bandana print on my thumb and index finger.  

I used OPI-High Maintenance (red) and China Glaze-Frostbite (blue).  I did the LA Pride symbol on my middle finger using Cult Nails-Nevermore and  Stripe-Rite.  I tried to create a "money"esque nail on my middle finger with little to no luck.  I used OPI-Don't Mess with OPI (green) & OPI-Woman's Prague-ative. This was my second attempt and I still hated it.  However, the one good thing about this manicure was I got to use the gold flakes (featured on my pinky finger) for the first time.  The undie I used was The Juice Box Lacquer- Tempting Teacher.  I bought the flakes from Amazon.  I wasn't in love with this mani and decided to re-do it quickly.  

Once again here is some of the flake from Amazon.  This time I was able to try the silver.  The only thing that bothers me about the foil is how easily it rips.  It's a blessing and a curse.  When I need it to rip into smaller pieces it refuses.  However, when I don't want it to it does.  I still enjoyed using it and enjoy the effect even more.  However, be warned, this photo was taken right after application. 

Here is the same manicure but after showering, dishes, and probably 12 hours of wear.  The flakes definitely chip off, but I like the way it looks.  This is definitely why I would recommend using an undie because when the flakes come off atleast there is something underneath.  However, I definitely think it would be cool to play with a naked nail and some foil.  I applied several top coats as well.  On my thumb on my Cinderella hand the foil seems to have stuck better and it feels almost more flat than the other nails with foil.  I think that if I apply it flatter or try to as much as possible and lather 2-3 top coats then it will stick.  

 I applied the foil by first putting an undie color.  For this manicure I was using OPI- Break a Leg-Warmer as the undie for the silver flakes.  I used nail vinyls to create the chevron pattern and Hologram Effect Layla-Mercruy as the undie for the chevron design.  I have to say that this Hologram lacquer is hands down my favorite.  I have tried a variety of holos, but this one is perfect.  It's also close to $15 a bottle so that could explain things.

I have been using OPI-Avoplex lately on my cuticles because I have noticed they tend to look really bad in pictures.  Whenever I finish clean-up I notice that they look so dehydrated from the acetone and remover.  I think that this stuff has been helping lately.  I will keep you all updated.  What do all of you use for your cuticle and hand care?

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