Saturday, January 25, 2014

Laquerlicious Glitter Manicure

When I imagined this manicure in my head I definitely saw it a bit differently.  I wanted two undies that were different shades of purple.  However, the two that I chose you can barely tell apart.  So it worked out for me, I guess?  It could have been worse if they did not go at all.  So for the undie I used OPI- Russian Navy.  This color is so interesting to me.  In the bottle it is a gorgeous purple/blue.  However, the first coat is always dark blue.  I love watching it fade to purple as the polish dries and more coats are applied.  

So like I said, I tried using two different undies, but you will never be able to tell since they are WAY too similar.  So my index, middle and ring finger all have the OPI as a base.  My pinkie finger and thumb (not pictured here) I used Glam Polish- Tempestarii.  After seeing how the glitter top coat and the Glam Polish interacted I almost wish I had done the whole mani using the Glam Polish.  Especially since I got a new macro lens!

Here is a photo using my new macro lens (OPI-Nail Evny, OPI-Russian Navy, Laquerlicious-Princess Jemma Bleue, HK Girl Top Coat).  I am so obsessed.  I had another lens for awhile, but the macro did not work as well and it was fish eyed permanently, which if you have ever tried taking a decent picture with those two settings, it is impossible.  Also, everytime I went to use it I had to remove my phone case and even still it would slide off my phone at the wrong angle.  This new one is magnetic and I was able to stick the back magnetic part on my phone case.  You can find the macro lens on Amazon here.  

For the glitter top coat I used Laquerlicious- Princess Jemma Bleue.  Laquerlicious is an indie company very close to my heart.  Each time they come out with new polishes they always include a couple where a portion of the proceeds go to Fresno Bully Rescue.  The polish featured above was one of these special polishes.  Fresno Bully Rescue works to rescue pit bulls and bull dogs in the Central Valley.  Also they seek to educate people about the realities of breeds like pit bulls and how the perception that they are aggressive or brutal is completely ignorant.  In the Central Valley there is a huge problem with the pit bull and bull dog populations reaching uncontrollable numbers.  Fresno State's mascot is the Bull Dog and most of the gangs in the area use the Pit Bull or Bull Dog as a symbol.  Therefore, people seek these types of dogs without the proper knowledge about the breeds and are disappointed with what they receive and quickly turn these dogs into the pound.  Also, the gangs train pit bulls to be overly aggressive and lend to the breeds false and negative reputation.  Basically, what I am trying to say, is that this indie company not only is incredible because of the gorgeous nail polish and lacquer they create, but also because they are doing something for such an admirable cause.  

Do you beauties have any indie companies near and dear to your heart?  Do you know any other companies that donate proceeds to charitable organizations?  Let me know.  

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