Saturday, January 25, 2014

OPI- Push & Shove & My First Attempt at Stamping

When I first finished this mani I wasn't very happy with it.  I didn't realize that the OPI-Push & Shove would react the way it did.  However, after seeing others using the OPI for the first time, and having similar experiences I was a bit more relived.  I think overall I was a bit flustered while doing this mani because of the stamping aspect.  I have been dying to try stamping, but way too afraid to try.  I think next time I would try a smaller stamp design, as opposed to the full nail plate that I tried here.

Here is a macro of the stamping.  Even though the stamp was obviously horrendous I decided to take a macro for posterity.  In a year I want to be able to look at my triumphs and my fails on my nail art journey.  I use Cult Nails-Nevermore for the stamping.  The polish worked quite well for stamping.  I practiced a few times on a sheet of paper before I tried it on my nail.  Lining it up straight and covering the whole nail were the biggest problems I had.  With time and practice I should get the hang of it.  I finished it all of with a HK Girl Top Coat.  Once again, Jill has done it.  The HK Girl Top Coat brought out not only the shine in the Push & Shove, but it also made the stamp on top pop more.  I swear, this lady knows what is up when it comes to top coats and nail care.

Since I have a MAJOR obsession with new macro lens I decided to take a macro shot of the design on my remaining fingers.  I used China Glaze- Glistening Snow for the tip and a Kiss striping pen for the black.  Stupidly, I used nail tape to create this look.  I say stupidly because I should have just tapped off the bottom once the entire coat of Push & Shove had dried.  However, I did the entire undie then I delicately and lightly applied the tip.  Much more difficult, especially with this particular glitter that tends to clump if not applied smoothly.  Also, when I was cleaning the Kiss black kept moving everywhere!! I had several close calls to complete destruction.  Luckily, I was able to fix it all and once again HK Girl Top Coat made this manicure the best it could be.

Do any of you beauties ever have issues with nail polish when cleaning up?  What are some of your tips and tricks that you use for cleaning up?  Let me know!

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