Thursday, January 30, 2014

OPI-Havana Dreams & Milani-Silver

For some reason, as of late, I have almost been in a nail art funk if you will.  I just cannot for the life of me figure out designs for the past few days.  So I have decided to go simple and see if I could go anywhere with it.  I am so happy.  This manicure turned out adorable!  I have been really into light, sky blues recently and this OPI fits right in.  The application was very smooth and I used HK Girl Top Coat to smooth the whole nail out before apply the teardrop charms which I got on Amazon.

Here is my manicure underneath different lighting.  Obviously, the blue is a lot more pronounced and you can see that rich, sky blue.  Obsessed.  

No blog post would be complete without a macro.  I used a dabbing technique in order to cover my whole nail with the Milani-Silver.  I received this polish in a nail mail trade, but I love it.  I would definitely purchase it because I really enjoy the disco ball look to it.  However, like I said, in order to cover my whole nail I had to pour some of the contents on to tin foil then dab it on and smooth out the polish.  Overall, it was not that difficult.  Removing it on the other hand was a disaster.  There were pieces everywhere.  I finally gave the soaking the cotton ball in acetone and wrapping it with tinfoil trick a try and it definitely helped to loosen the glitter up and remove it.  

I think next time I would try using a holo base coat to see how this polish would react.

What are some of your favorite glitters and toppers?  Let me know.  Have a beautiful week!

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