Monday, February 3, 2014

A Week's Worth of Manicures

Woah, has it been a busy week/weekend.  I wish that I could have broken all of this manicures into separate posts but I did not have the time with Super Bowl preparations.  The boyfriend and I had a few friends come into town this weekend so we had a blast visiting Huntington Beach and The Museum of Jurassic Technology.  Definitely strange, but an interesting experience none the less.  But enough about me, here are my manicures from the past week.  Also, above is a collage of my favorite manicures from January!!

First up.

I decided to try out the "Ruffian" style manicure that I have been seeing around a lot lately.  I used Sinful Colors as the base and topped it with Butter London-Alcopop.  I love this pink.  Super girly.  I was going to attempt a design on my ring finger, but failed, terribly, and decided to cover my horrible attempt with Cult Nails-Nevermore.  The bow charm I found on Ebay.  I covered the whole thing with HK Girl Top Coat (featured above).  This top coat made my manicure POP!  I love this formula so much.  It helps my nails dry super fast and every polish I have ever topped it with looks better after the fact.  

Next up:

For the undie in this manicure I used my holo nail polish by Layla T.  This polish is expensive, but so worth it.  The boyfriend bought it for me when I first started collecting and to this day it is still my favorite holo that I have found.  I overlaid two layers of A Rhyming Dictionary-Ohio.  I have been absolutely dying to use this polish.  I love the whole American feel to it.  I am definitely going to keep this polish in mind for 4th of July.  

As always, a macro shot.  This polish is perfect for macros because of the different shaped hexes and shapes.  I think the little stars might be my favorite.  They were extremely easy to get out as well with little to no fishing.  

And some more manicures:

Pictured above is my manicure using Zoya- Adina with Nicole OPI-Be Awesome individually laid on top in a mosaic design.  The minute I saw Nicole OPI-Be Awesome I knew I wanted to do a design like this.  It took me probably 2+ hours to do all 5 nails.  I did not do my other hand. I would be insane to.  This was my first time using this particular shade of Zoya and I love it.  I applied three coats, then a top coat, then put the individual glitter pieces on.

Here is a macro shot of my manicure.  I am even more in love with the macro than the whole manicure!!  I hope I can think of different future uses for this polish since it is such an amazing polish.  

One of my good friends got me these adorable real flowers that I have been dying to use.  Since she came into town on Friday I knew I had to do a full manicure using these adorable flowers.

I used Butter London-HRH as the base then used Zoya-Thandie and Zoya- Darcy to create the purple, orange, yellow gradient.  I topped the whole thing with Glam Polish-Glimmer and then HK Girl Top Coat.  Then I placed the flowers and sealed that with two more top coats.  Shockingly, I did this manicure on all ten fingers.  I broke it up into different parts of the day since I was still getting reading for the UFC fights Saturday night and the Super Bowl on Sunday.  Too much hosting!!

Two macro shots because I could not get enough of the flowers.  I love the fact that you can even see the center and all these great features of flowers that make them so natural.  I did this gradient because it felt super tropical to me and I love gradients.  

And last, but not least: 

Here is a cute shot if some cake balls that I made for the Super Bowl.  I made yellow cupcake cake balls with red, white and blue star sprinkles inside and orange and blue candy melts on the outside.  I found this cake ball while make them and thought how cute, there's a heart!!  So here is my heart, in a cake ball :)

Now on to my actual manicure from the Super Bowl!!

Personally, I could care less about football, I am just happy that the Super Bowl means no more football for a few months.  I need the reprieve.  Sorry to all those football fans, it's just not my sport.  So the boyfriend is a huge fan of the Broncos, hence the Broncos nails.  I love the jersey on my middle finger,  I think it came out great.  I wish I had done a finger as the field, but maybe next year.  

Sadly, the poor Broncos barely came to play.  It was a terrible excuse of a game.  Who did you beauties root for?  Did any of you do any cute football manicures?  Let me know!!

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