Saturday, January 25, 2014

Red Dog Designs Dr Who Anniversary Polish

When I first swatched this polish on my nail wheels I knew instantly that I had to put this on my nails AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Especially with my new macro obsession.  Don't you worry, there are macro shots to come.  So this polish is called Gallifrey Stands by Red Dog Designs.  It is part of their Dr Who 50th Anniversary collection.  As a huge Dr. Who fan I could not pass up on this amazing polish, especially when I saw the back sticker.

Here is a shot of the back.  I love that sticker!!  I'm not quite sure, but I was feeling donuts.  So on my ring finger I used OPI- Atomic Orange with some of the glitter from the Red Dog Designs individually placed around the donuts.  After using quite a few different types of charms I have to say that I am very happy with not only the ease of application, but how these donut charms feel.  I found one of the most amazing sellers on Ebay from Hong Kong that has beautiful decals, water decals, and charms.  

Here is a photo of my "Cinderella" hand so excuse the lack of clarity in the picture and the messiness.  Since I rarely, rarely, rarely photograph my dominant hand I tend not to do clean up.  However, being that I am slightly OCD I usually have to have my right hand painted.  Despite if it matches.  Despite if it looks good.  Ha. Thanks OCD.

Two macro shots as promised.  The first one is of the Red Dog Designs polish.  I am so obsessed with the glitter and hexes in this polish.  Not only is the base color of burnt orange SO gorgeous, but the colors of the sparkles are so different but work perfectly.  I love polishes that are super unique and this polish definitely falls into that category.  I had to do a macro of the donuts just so you could all see how truly adorable they are!! I almost wish that I had placed the pink and yellow donuts from my right hand on my left, instead of the other way around, but I thought the hot pink and chocolate would look better with the orange and glitter colors.  So obsessed.  

 I promise this is my last picture of this manicure! Haha.  I had to get atleast one more in with natural lighting.  I took this in the car today on the way to the mall.  Which, by the way, the mall, horrible choice.  I had never been to Ulta before and since the boyfriend dragged me into GameStop, I dragged him into Ulta.  I fell in love.  Head over heels, madly, deeply in love with their clearance section.  I have never seen so many amazing brands, colors, styles in one place.  I was so overwhelmed and excited.  

Also when I got home I had received nail mail!!  A very exciting nail day for sure.  Here is a photo of all the amazing stuff I scored and some of the nail mail I received from Hex Nail Jewelry, Zoya, and Polishaus!!  

I am beyond exicted to try these new nail charms.  I know you cannot see them very well in this shot, but hey its a mystery until I use them.  But yes, one does say "bitch".  Hehe.

What kind of charms do you beauties like to use?  What other kinds of decals or embellishments do you ladies use or want to use?  Let me know!

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