Saturday, January 4, 2014

Pink Leopard & New Years Eve

Hello Beauties,

This manicure I did a few days before New Years.  I decided to use my Essie-A Cut Above.  The peach base on the leopard accents is Fancy Gloss.  Another favorite indie company.  The pink used in the leopard print is from Glam Polish another favorite indie brand from Australia.  The silver holo is from Cult Nails.  Charm is from YOU GUESSED IT Daily Charme.  :)

For New Years Eve I decided to wear this beautiful watch that I got for my sister and I as a joint gift for Christmas. La Mer Watches are some of my favorite accessories.  All of them are leather or chain wraps, however, there are so many different designs.  They make the perfect gifts!!

For New Years Eve I chose to use an OPI base with a gold glitter overlap and gold studs.  I am so sad that my nails broke only days before New Years.  I decided to cut and file the remaining ones down so that they all grow together.  I have been using a combination of Essie and OPI products to grow my nails.

What do you all use to help your nails stay long and strong?

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