Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Polishaus-Old Skool Love & Rainbow Cheetah Manicures

As of late I have been the mood for minimal art nails.  Either I am doing a super detailed manicure that takes me hours or I am doing manicures that take less than an hour.  No in between.  So keeping with my minimal manicures I decided to use Polishaus- Old Skool Love.  On my accent nail I used Nami-3D Rainbow Effect topped with Polishaus- Old Skool Love and the lines were created using Nail Vinyls.  I topped the entire manicure off with HK Girl Top Coat.

Always have to get a nice bottle shot.  I really loved the smooth application of this polish.  I applied about 2 thick coats.  

Here is a collage of macros I took of this manicure.  I love the different layers to this jelly and the different sized hexes and glitters.  This polish is what macro lens are made for.  

Two manicures in one day.  Is it possible?  I was loafing around the house today after the busy weekend I had and decided why not.  The boyfriend and I were bored with watching TV so I decided to play around with a rainbow gradient cheetah print manicure.  

A couple macro shots to see the range of colors used.  For the red/orange thumb nail I used OPI-Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It and Zoya-Thandie.  For the orange/yellow index finger I used Zoya-Thandie and Zoya-Darcy.  For the yellow/green middle finger I used Zoya-Darcy and OPI-Don't Mess With OPI.  For the green/blue nail I used OPI-Don't Mess With OPI and Zoya-Blu.  For the blue/purple pinkie nail I used Zoya-Blu and Sinful Colors-Verbena.  I applied the polishes by dabbing them on with a make-up sponge.  Then I applied a layer of Glam Polish-Glimmer.  I created the cheetah print using NYC-Brownstone and OPI-Don't Feed the Hand Models.  OPI always gives me a good chuckle with their polish names.  I definitely think that Don't Feed the Hand Models is one of my favorite shades and names.  I topped the whole manicure with my favorite of all time, HK Girl Top Coat.  Dries in a flash and makes colors pop.  

I definitely think my favorite color combination was the blue and purple pinkie nail.  I love how "fairy"esque it looks and I definitely am planning on using this combination in a future manicure with the Glam Polish-Glimmer.  I think that the Glimmer looks just like fairy dust!!

What are some of your beauties "fairy" like or "fairy dust" like nail polishes?  Let me know.  Have a beautiful night!

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