Friday, February 28, 2014

Monthly Favorites, Nail Fail & Girly Lined Manicure

Is another month seriously already over?!  Where did the time go?  I blinked and it was Valentine's Day.  I sneezed and it was March!!  Well on we go ;)  Here are my favorite manicures from the month of Feburary.  I love February because of Valentine's Day, but I also hated it because of Valentine's Day!!  I felt super forced to do love themed manicures because of the month, and what better time?  However, sadly, I only ended up really only doing two!  (One being featured above, the other one you can find here)
The first manicure I have for you lovelies was actually what turned out to be a total fail!  I had originally intended to do a very girly manicure with some pinks, purples, and blues all mixed together with holo and glitter and then unicorns and such.  However, haha, this took a completely different turn.  Where I really went wrong was starting with a base of black.  When I went to go clean the black really started showing through.  So in order to cover it I decided on this chunky, black outline.  It's meh.

For the base colors I used Cult Nails-Nevermore, Spoiled-Cotton Mouth, Zoya-Blu, OPI-You're Such a Budapest, Sinful Colors-Snow Me White and last, but not least, Layla Holo-Mercury Twilight.

I sponged the pink, blue, white, and purple shades over the Cult Nails.  Then I dabbed some of the holo shade over that.  I think next time I would use a base of white, or pink.  And I would dab less holo or use a different glitter.  The holo ended up taking over, in my opinion, however, it made it easy to cover mistakes.

Bottle shot of my favorite top coat.

Macro shot of my nail fail

Second macro shot

Since I was unable to achieve my girly manicure I decided to give it another go:

In this manicure I used Fancy Gloss-Under my Skin, two thin coats, then nail vinyls to create the lines.  I bottle featured and pink coat on top is Butter-Alcopop.  Man, there is something about this bubblegum pink that I always come back to for super girly pinks.  I love the creaminess of it.

The charm is from Daily Charm.

Bottle shot of Fancy Gloss

Macro of Fancy Gloss-Under my Skin and charm from Daily Charm.  I love how sparkly it is!  I have not been able to stop staring at it.

Macro shot of lined detail.

I have been really wanting to participate in a challenge so I decided this month to finally take the plunge.  I figured if I plastered the challenge details on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Blog that I would find the time to participate!!  I am really excited about this and hope that some of you participate as well!!

What have been some of your beauties' favorite challenges in the past?  Are any of you going to participate in this one?  Let me know!! Have a beautiful weekend!

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