Sunday, March 16, 2014

Day Eleven: Neon & Adventures in Stamping

For Day Eleven for the Nail Art March Challenge the theme was "neon".  I chose to go with a neon water marble using Orly Orange Punch and Spoiled Did I Dye too Blonde?  I stamped suns on top of the water marble using plate BM01.  Watching videos on YouTube has helped out so much with my water marbles recently.  There are so many amazingly talented women who have some amazing tricks.  All I do is go to YouTube and type in water marble technique.  There are literally hundreds of videos.

Macro shot of neon water marble.

Second macro shot.

And of course I received some nail mail!!  I got the Butter London colors on sale from Hautelook.  The Lacquerlicious and Nabi are from a destash store on Storenvy.  The destash stores have definitely created a problem.  Not only do they help fuel the shopping obsession, but paying full price for nail polish has become painful.

My most exciting piece of nail mail was definitely my Polish Pet!!  I have been following the creator of Polish Pets since before she started making these amazing creatures.  When she started launching them I knew I had to have one.  They are a bit on the pricey side, $16 a piece, but I absolutely love the entire idea behind them.   The polish inside matches the fur color and the other side of the box looks like the bars to cage.  I love having my Polish Pet sit with me at my station while I do my manicures.  They also make adorable gifts!

Since I was on a roll with stamping I decided to give it another go:

For this manicure I used the incredible She Nail Polish Breaking Dawn.  She Nail Polish is so incredible because not only are the colors vibrant, but they look and act like gel!  I typically change my manicure everyday, if not multiple times a day.  However, this manicure I kept on for nearly three days and I had zero chips.  It was amazing!  This application was two thin coats followed by the all time fav, HK Girl Top Coat.  This stamp can be found on plate BM06.  

Macro shot of Breaking Dawn

Second macro shot of Breaking Dawn

With St. Paddy's Day coming up there have been so many fabulous sales going on!  I definitely have been taking advantage.  Once again, with a holiday, I have procrastinated doing a themed design for the entire month.  I definitely am excited about doing a green, gold, and leprechaun themed manicure though!

What kind of manicures are you beauties doing for St.Paddy's Day?  What are some of your plans?  Let me know!  Have a beautiful, and safe holiday.

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