Sunday, March 2, 2014

Influenster Vox Box Colgate Optic White

**Disclaimer: Influenster sent me this complimentary package.  I am not a paid affiliate of this company or any brands mentioned therein.  Any views and opinions expressed are honest and my own.**

I am very pleased to announce that I received the Colgate Vox Box from Influenster a few days ago and I have the pleasure of testing and being able to review the new Colgate Optic White for you beauties today!!

Optic White Uni VoX Box Brush Whiten Go
Closed box.  Front view. #BrushWhitenGO

Optic White Uni VoX Box Brush Whiten Go
Open box. #BrushWhitenGO

I want to begin by apologizing for what you are about to see.  I could not, for the life of me, get a somewhat attractive picture of my smile.  I thought it would be ridiculous to do a review on a whitening product without teeth.  So I am sorry, here is my terrifying smile photo.

Day One smile.  #BrushWhitenGO

Day One, initial response:  I am pleasantly surprised by the packaging.  It was very easy to open the toothbrush and the whitening pen.  The packaging claims that you will have whiter teeth in just two days so I am going to do a two day trial for this review.  I will continue to use the product after this review, and post a future post with my findings.  I know, teeth whitening is just so scientific for the consumer ;)  

I drink coffee, everyday, sometimes multiple times a day and I never whiten or brush my teeth afterwards.  So today I chose to use this product after my morning coffee to see if it really worked.  I waited about an hour after finishing my coffee, not for any particular reason, but I did want to see if allowing the stains to sit a bit more would do anything.  Wow.  Just wow.  

When I posted the photo of my Vox Box on Instragram, a friend of mine commented saying this was the best toothpaste ever.  I was skeptical.  I have tried several tooth whitening products, including some of the higher end systems that Sephora carries.  I am constantly annoyed with either how long I have to use the product for (usually two weeks to a few months) or with the minimal results I receive.

This toothpaste worked instantly.  I literally saw the stains coming off as I brushed my teeth.  The toothpaste itself has a very nice taste and left me mouth feeling very clean.  I love Listerine and I didn't even feel the need to use it.  

I love the concept behind the whitening pen.  It is small and compact and fits seamlessly into the toothbrush end.  I do have the say, the toothbrush is definitely a bit weird without the whitening pen inside because the base is hollow so it feels much lighter than a normal toothbrush.

I think the first time I used the whitening pen I let too much gel out so it didn't apply as evenly as it should have.  Overall, it was very easy to apply.  The weirdest part for me was getting over letting the gel sit in my mouth.  The whole point of this set is that you can brush your teeth, whiten them, and then Go!  So you're not supposed to wash the whitening gel out.  It definitely does not taste like conventional whitening gels, but mentally I could not get over the fact that I had this paste in my mouth.  I was able to cope, haha, and overall it was a pleasant experience.

Initially, what I like most about this package is the ease and speed.  The gel pen is unbelievably easy to use and apply.  Also, they have definitely mastered the speed aspect in terms of not only the claim that you will have whiter teeth in only two days, but also the fact that you don't have to sit with a strip or gel on your teeth for 15-20 minutes everyday.  

At the end of the first day my teeth still feel very clean.  I can even see a small difference.

I used the product twice a day as directed on the packaging.

Day Two, observations: When I woke up in the morning my teeth still felt very clean.  Once again, I chose to do the coffee test.  I did not wait as long after drinking the coffee as I did yesterday, however, I noticed the same results.  I actually can see a difference.  

The gel still scares me, but I know with time I will get over it because today was not nearly as daunting.  At first I was really worried about application, and especially, about after application.  Can I talk, swallow, etc?  I really believe I was overthinking the entire experience.  This stuff is truly designed to be applied directly after brushing your teeth, twice a day, and then Go!  I am really enjoying how easy and fast it is to use.  

Day Three, conclusions: Once again, I apologize in advance for the terrible smile picture.  I have no idea what is wrong with me!!  Ha.  It was so difficult getting the same lighting, but I tried to match them as close as possible.

Day Three Morning. #BrushWhitenGO


Here are the two smiles side by side.  I definitely think that it worked!!  In just two days, I am shocked.  I can noticeably see a difference.  Also, I am still enjoying the product.  I am getting more and more used to the gel pen.  

The only thing I dislike is that sometimes I get the gel from the whitening pen my lips after I apply it and it makes my lips feel a little bit weird.  Nothing bad, or tingly, just like a little clogged.  It goes away once the gel dissolves, but just a bit strange to get used to.

Overall, I am very happy with this product and I would definitely purchase it in the future.  I really like the toothpaste and the taste of it.  It works really well and has left my teeth feeling clean for two days straight.  I would definitely use the whitening gel pen in the future because of the ease.  I do not think I would use it everyday though.  I am seriously considering fully switching toothpaste.  I will let you beauties know if I make the transition!

Let me know if any of you lovely ladies end up trying this!!  Have a beautiful day.  

**Disclaimer: Influenster sent me this complimentary package.  I am not a paid affiliate of this company or any brands mentioned therein.  Any views and opinions expressed are honest and my own.**

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