Monday, March 10, 2014

Zoya Hudson and Monet & Frakenstein Polish- Pretty in Pink Barbie Nails

Ah!!  They finally arrived.  I swear I waited close to two months for these gorgeous puppies.  Either way I am so excited to bring you beauties a manicure featuring these two fabulous new shades.

I used two coats of Zoya Hudson and then dabbed Monet as french accents and applied two coats on my ring finger accent nail.  This polish is definitely thicker than most over Zoya polishes, however, I love the texture and colors of Monet.  Hudson is a gorgeous purple with a slight shimmer.  This color was so damn difficult to capture.  Purples man.  I adore this shade though.  A great mix of periwinkle and light purple.

Bottle shot of Hudson

Bottle shot of Monet

Macro of Monet accent nail.

French tipped Monet with Hudson undie by Zoya

The second manicure I have to show you ladies is from a recent indie discovery that I am thrilled about.  Frankenstein Polish:

Pretty in Pink with Barbie Accents

This pink is so gorgeous.  I wish I was able to capture it better, but the shimmer to this pink is breathtaking.  I am a huge Brat Pack fan so this polish was right up my alley.  I also received "Samantha Loves Jake" since 16 Candles is definitely my favorite Molly Ringwald flick.  I applied two coats of Pretty in Pink and topped it with some water decals I received from Etsy.  I finished the entire manicure with two coats of HK Girl Top Coat.  I also placed a rhinestone on certain fingers to give it some more Barbie bling.

I was so obsessed with these Barbie water decals that I had to take a macro of nearly every one!  Some of the ones shown are from my right hand that I sadly forget to take pictures of.  Sometimes man.  I think the half Barbie face and nail polish bottle are my faves.

Pink is definitely one of my favorite colors.  I feel like I say that about every color though.  It definitely depends on my mood, and what colors I have been using/around lately.  What are some of your beauties favorite colors?  Or do you love them all?  Let me know!  Have a beautiful Monday.

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