Friday, April 18, 2014

Vapid Lacquer Review & Swatches Part I

Vapid Lacquer

Today I have part one of a part two review and swatch post for Vapid Lacquer.  You can find their website here.

Vapid Lacquer "Point Break"Vapid Lacquer "Something Blue"

Pictured on the left is "Something Blue" and on the right is "Point Break".  

Vapid Lacquer "Something Blue"

"Something Blue" is a gorgeous, light blue holo.  I achieved this look by using two thin coats of Vapid Lacquer "Something Blue" and then topped with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat.  I finished with an accent charm from a local nail supply shop, but I am sure you can find similar ones on eBay.  Picture was taken using natural lighting.

Vapid Lacquer "Something Blue"

Mini bottle shot of "Something Blue"

Vapid Lacquer "Something Blue"

In this macro you can really see the gorgeous sparkle and holo that is in this polish.  I think that it is the perfect polish by itself or spruced up with some nail art.  Also, the application of this polish is extremely easy and dries fast.

Next up:

Vapid Lacquer "Point Break"

This is Vapid Lacquer "Point Break".  This polish is a beautiful pastel green that is perfect for Easter this weekend, or Spring!  This polish is also fantastic because it has tiny gold sparkles all throughout.  Sometimes when I take pictures in the light box, the sparkles or tiny details of the polish get lost.  Like for holos, for example, they completely fade in the light box.  Anyway, what I am trying to say, is that this polish is a lot more gorgeous in person!

Vapid Lacquer "Point Break"

I created this look by first applying two thin coats of Vapid Lacquer "Point Break".  I then stamped accents on my index and ring finger using Pueen plate pueen 33 and gold, metallic polish.  I have found that the Essie metallics collection works really well for stamping.  I love how the gold and the green go so well together in this manicure because of the gold flecks in "Point Break".

Overall, I really like the application and drying time of Vapid Lacquer.  I have two more shades I am going to swatch and review, but with Easter this weekend I am just swamped! You can find Vapid Lacquer's store here.

What are you beauties doing for Easter weekend?  How many of you celebrate Easter?  Personally, I never did growing up because my family is Jewish.  However, my boyfriend's family celebrates so every year I get the best of both worlds!  Let me know.  Have a beautiful holiday weekend!

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