Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vapid Lacquer Review & Swatches Part II

Vapid Lacquer RowdyVapid Lacquer Wooderson #JKL Collection
Part two of my Vapid Lacquer swatches is finally here!  On the left is "Rowdy" by Vapid Lacquer, and on the right is "Wooderson #JKL Collection".  You can purchase Vapid Lacquer here.

Vapid Lacquer Rowdy

First up, I have "Rowdy" by Vapid Lacquer with fimo clay fruit slices.  I love this shade of purple, it is just so delicious.  The black dots are beyond perfect, and totally make this polish look unbelievably yummy!  

For this manicure, I applied two thin coats of "Rowdy" and then finished with a coat of HK Girl Top Coat.  I individually placed fimo clay slices that I purchased from eBay.

Vapid Lacquer Rowdy

Bottle shot of Vapid Lacquer "Rowdy".  

Vapid Lacquer Rowdy

Macro shot of Vapid Lacquer "Rowdy".  In this shot you can really see how great this polish is.  Surprisingly, the black dots are quite easy to get off.  At first, I assumed that they would react the same way as glitter, however, this polish was super simple to remove.

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Vapid Lacquer Wooderson #JKL Collection

For this manicure I started with two thin coats of Vapid Lacquer "Wooderson #JKL Collection" and then topped with a heavy coat of HK Girl Top Coat.  Then I cut and placed water decals that I purchased from eBay.  Like "Rowdy",  I am obsessed with the white dots in this polish.  The pink shade is adorable, not a color I would typically go for, but the white and black dots make it so unique!  

Vapid Lacquer Wooderson #JKL Collection

Bottle shot of Vapid Lacquer "Wooderson #JKL Collection".

Vapid Lacquer Wooderson #JKL Collection

Macro shot of Vapid Lacquer "Wooderson #JKL Collection".  I love how well the flowers and the dots interact.  Personally, I would consider this a work appropriate mani and definitely want to recreate it as a pedicure.

I had such a blast swatching and reviewing these polishes for Vapid Lacquer.  I love the formula because it is so easy to apply.  However, my favorite part is that these are so easy to remove.  As someone who does their nails sometimes up to 4 times a day, ease of removal is something essential.  

You can purchase Vapid Lacquer here.  She also has some adorable bath and body products as well!  I definitely have my eye on some of them ;)

I hope all you beauties enjoyed my swatches and review.  Let me know.  I hope you have a beautiful day!!

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